Transforming Conflicts from Problems to Opportunities

 Conflicts are all around us – in our home, school, community, society…

  •  Can we embrace conflicts as an opportunity for positive change?

  • What practical tools & skills do we need to develop?

  • Can positive engagement with conflicts promote social change and activism? 

The Nonviolent Conflict Transformation Program for schools, organizations and communities was born precisely to address these questions and more.

Bringing together Efrat Wolfson’s extensive experience in facilitating Palestinian-Israeli conflict & dialogue groups, with other world-renowned methods such as Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) and much more, the program provides a framework that enables us to analyse, understand and transform conflicts in a nonviolent way.

The program also offers a comprehensive set of effective tools and activities for you to use with your class, youth group, community, faith-based group, staff, etc.

The program was written and edited by Efrat Wolfson, Israeli peace & sustainability activist and conflict/dialogue group facilitator through the Windows for Peace NGO.

What do participants of the NCT program have to say?

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