GroundingHi and Welcome! 

My name is Efrat Wolfson, I am originally from Israel.

Growing up in Israel, I’ve always been baffled by the violence, racism and conflict which surrounded me from a very young age.
I felt confused and angry, and strived to find ways to make a real difference.

I joined the Israeli-Palestinian peace movement when I was 15 and have been active in it ever since.

In 2004, I started working as a conflict coach, coordinator and facilitator of Palestinian-Israeli conflict & dialogue encounters for youth and adults
(mainly through the wonderful Windows-  Channels for Communication  NGO).

In 2011 I co-founded a Community Eco-Centre in Shdema Village, Israel, where we experiment as a community with sustainable ways of living and communicating.

Through my many years of working with communities and conflict groups,
I have gathered an array of practical, applicable and transformative tools
from various traditions and teachers,
which I have woven together to form the NCT Program

It is my greatest passion and pleasure to share these tools with YOU 

I’ve been living in Australia since 2013, where I have worked with schools, teachers and communities – exploring together practical, creative ways to transform conflicts.

I completed a Masters degree in Human Rights Education from Curtin University, Perth.

tree hugger

And most importantly, I believe that peace begins at home

 I’m a mum of 2 – Layla and Sahar –  who provide me  with a myriad of daily opportunities to practice my Conflict Transformation skills, to make LOTS of mistakes, to apologise, to grow, to completely let go of perfectionism, to climb trees and to expand in love….




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