Program Aims

Through the program process, the participants will begin to:

  1. Develop a positive attitude towards conflicts in their lives as a motor for change.

  2. Develop conflict transformation skills, which will support them in dealing with violence and conflicts in their lives on both the personal and social levels.

  3. Enhance skills of self-reflection, self-awareness and empathy towards themselves and others.

  4. Develop critical thinking about the media and other sources of information.

  5. Develop an understanding of the concept of “historical narratives” and the fact that history is not an objective, solid entity, but a complex web of stories from different points of view.

  6. Analyze their own lives and societies, and become motivated and empowered to transform conflicts in their own surroundings.

  7. Develop an action plan for social/environmental activism in their school / community / town/ region / state.

  8. If you choose to add-on the History module of the program, another aim can be achieved: gaining knowledge and a better understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the past and present situation in Israel/Palestine.

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