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The Nonviolent Conflict Transformation Program Includes 8 Sessions + a follow up activity – All accessible online and downloadable as PDFs:

Session 1 – Introduction to conflicts 

Session 2 – Feelings Needs and Values 

Session 3 – NVC in Action 

Session 4 – Identity and Conflict Transformation Skills 

Session 5 – Critical Look at the Media 

Session 6 – Historical Narratives – Is History Objective?

Session 7 – Theatre of the Oppressed – exploring dealing with oppression and violence

Session 8 – Positive Activism – From Ideas to Action Plans 

Follow up Activity (about 1 month after program is finished)

Each session can easily be expanded to 2 sessions for further deepening of the process, if desired. 

Purchase the full Nonviolent Conflict Transformation Program including:

  • Online access to 8 sessions with detailed session outlines.  

  • Background information sheets. 

  • Supporting materials and resources: questions cards, drawings, etc.   

  • Sessions and resources all downloadable & Printable in PDF

  • License per organisation – no need to pay separately per group

  • No need to renew license every year 
  • A percentage of each purchase is donated to continuing peace work in Israel/Palestine through Windows for Peace

Price $450 AUD

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When purchasing the full program, you might also like to consider our  ongoing support and Facilitator Training options, which can enhance program implementation and success.